Children and Young People

We deliver a wide range of creative programmes designed specifically for children and young people. In addition to our programme titled ARTiculate , we also deliver a successful programme called

We run this throughout the various school holidays; mainly for children and young people who have a wide range of disabilities and needs.

We work with our local authority to target young people who love taking part in our creative programmes. Please contact Barnet Council to book your place.

We make: films,  we plant flowers, we create mini carnival processions and delight in writing screenplays resulting in mini drama productions.

Community Focus Zone  *NEW*

We at CF believe we are all students of life! Our 'Zone' provides a full day provision which caters for 18-25 year olds who would like art, sports and music...

We have superb facilities including: a computer suite, a HUGE park, tennis courts, djembe drums,  a bowling green, table tennis tables, an outdoor gym, potters wheels, silk screens and more...We also have great spaces to create art.

Part of the package will include outings to galleries and museums to ensure our young students really do receive maximum cultural exposure from our special city

Please contact Vicky our administrator to book a place: k for more information or call 0207 743 2326