individual funding at community focus

Individuals and groups can raise money for Community Focus through a variety of ways.


Making a donation

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Holding an event Putting on an event is a fun, effective way of fundraising for Community Focus. Why not hold a dinner party and ask people for a donation in exchange for an invite? Or perhaps you could host a bingo night in your house to raise funds?


If you are interested in taking part in any fundraising activity on behalf of Community Focus, please contact administration


Gifting a Legacy to Community Focus


Including a legacy to Community Focus in your Will offers you the opportunity to support us, without it affecting your current lifestyle. Your legacy will help us to continue our work.

There are several different types of legacy that you might like to consider and we will be happy to provide you with full details. If you have already made a Will we would be happy to send you a codicil form, which is simple to complete. This official form will allow you to add a bequest to Community Focus.  Any gift that you make to Community Focus under your Will passes free of Inheritance Tax. Community Focus will therefore receive the full benefits of your entire gift without deduction. Please be aware that the net value of your estate is reduced, as is the amount liable for Inheritance Tax.