A small selection of what our students had to say about us!

  1. I have enjoyed this project very much, it gives me freedom and it is the focal point of my week. Otherwise, my life would be very boring.
  2. I learned lots of new things to do like different painting techniques and blending colours. I have enjoyed building a painting from scratch.
  3. It has given me more confidence in trying new things. Things that I haven’t tried before.
  4. I am proud of my seascape with sail boats because it helps me to express myself.
  5. I have met lots of new people but my friends are in the class.
  6. I feel more confident with my art but there is still a way to go because I am still learning.
  7. My first effort was my favourite piece of work because my friends were so impressed and my daughter said that it should be hung up on the wall.
  8. I had some friends in the class already but I have met a few new people.
  9. I get more confident through getting through the difficulties that I face.
  10. My first painting this term was a struggle but I kept going and I am very pleased with the finished painting.
  11. I can’t think of anything that can improve the class.
  12. I liked this project very much because I liked being with people and doing something.
  13. I miss my friends in the art class when I am not here.
  14. This project has improved my confidence and now I am more able to talk with people.
  15. My son is very happy with my work and I am very proud of this.
  16. I like to talk to all sorts of people and I like to come to the art class to see all of the new friends that I have made.