Volunteers are a vital part of CF with mutual benefits for all

Three of Community Focus’ volunteers were awarded a Barnet Civic Award on the 12th April 2016.

volunteers at community focus

Sean has volunteered for Community Focus since 2008.  He has become a valuable member of the team, and the students and staff have benefitted from his supportive and supportive attitude.

He mainly volunteers for the drama group, which caters for adults with learning difficulties.  

Sean comes straight from work, every week, and gets involved from the moment he enters the building.  Sean will happily work with the students or help with the more mundane tasks with a smile on his face.  This enduring level of commitment and cheer is rare, but very much appreciated by us all.  Sean is a real star!

volunteers at community focus

Lakshmi has worked as a volunteer for CF, assisting in the Mixed-Media Art courses for people with learning disabilities. Every Monday, come rain or shine, Lakshmi is there with a smile supporting and encouraging our students.  Her positive approach makes her a fun and supportive person to work with. Lakshmi is always eager to help in all the events we run, giving her time very generously and sometimes at short notice. Lakshmi is an intelligent, keen and reliable volunteer who is always sensitive to the needs of our disabled and older members. 




volunteers at community focus

Lynn has worked with Community Focus for 8 years.  She is hard-working, reliable and 100% committed to working with our students (the vast majority of whom have learning disabilities).  

Lynn works with students of Community Focus  to not only enjoy their art but to develop their creative art skills.

The students really respond to her style of working.  Lynn is liked and respected by staff, fellow volunteers and students alike. 

Community Focus are indebted to her hard work and commitment



Community Focus is indebted to the work of its volunteers and recognises that without their input the organisation could not function.


Our commitment to providing a fully integrated and supportive environment extends into every aspect of our work.Volunteers help to maintain these values and to enhance the experiences of our users by applying their own skills, creativity and knowledge.


Our volunteers range from students to the active retired; from those looking for short term experience, to individuals keen to become long-term members of the team. Some of our volunteers also attend the classes as users themselves, while others take the chance to lead activity sessions when possible. Training opportunities are regularly available, and volunteers can take on as much or as little responsibility as their time allows.


There are several ways you can get involved in this exciting period of change and growth for Community Focus.


If you would like to apply for any of the following Volunteer roles please contact  us via email :